It’s no secret that Globalization is pushing the frontiers of certificates and other documentations digitisation. From online learning to online incorporation and other businesses, 75% of businesses have moved online compared to 20 years ago. The world is getting smaller and more connected as humans are building new solutions that leverage on machine learning and artificial intelligence to create better systems and improve human experiences.

Firms worldwide can now become ISO certified online, and there is no reason not to, as it offers a better return on investment compared to the traditional offline method. Here are three of the best reasons to become ISO certified through online applications.

1. Simplicity: Online ISO certification is simple. You simply submit basic details about your company and its operations, which will be used to create a custom documentation for your business. After that you will be provided with a documentation system for you to provide extra details about your business to ensure they comply with the standards required for a remote audit.

2. Recognition: On completion, an independent auditor evaluates and audits your documents. Once they are satisfied and your system meets the requested standard, you are emailed your ISO certificate (s) and logos.

3. Time and Money efficient: Instead of filing and returning multiple forms to multiple agencies. One online firm can handle your certification request with one device in one location. Remote certification ensures you don’t spend money on staff visits and travelling.

4. Optimal Regulation: Recognized online registrars like are the UK regulated, which means you will receive a quality, verified Management System and UK certificates that run on an expertly programmed platform that utilises bank-grade security to safeguard and secure your sensitive data from being tampered with or stolen. offer a professional online service that allows businesses around the world to gain an ISO System or systems of their choice. The ISO9001:2015, ISO45001 and ISO14001 are all available from the website.

Today, with offices in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, provides a new kind of certificates platform, one that provides reliable, accredited, professional, and credible access to critical ISO certificates for doing business in today’s world.