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Are ISO Standards only for large enterprises and not for SMEs?

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Small and Medium Enterprises, widely known as SMEs, are the driving force of any economy, and as an interesting fact, more than 90% of the global businesses are SMEs. It’s a common misconception that ISO standards are for multinational or large scale organizations which they display as some trophy for international recognition. The notion is absolutely false, and the standards are designed to increase the functionality and performance of every business regardless of how big or small their operating size is. Small companies are challenging to lead because they do not have extensive staff to manage their function. To ensure consistency in quality, processes, and workflows, the implementation of ISO standards in SME is crucial. This will allow them to become stress-free and focus more on making profits rather than worrying about quality standards, their adverse environmental impact, or the safety of their employees and customers.

ISO standards are an essential tool for SME to maintain sustainability and become more resilient. SMEs need to prove the quality of their goods and services to create a consistent market impact. ISO standards focus on that can help in cost-effectively achieving these goals. Most SMEs are on a very strict budget, and ISO standards can help cut down the business costs and increase profits. They will prepare your business to embark on a growth and prosperity journey in this competitive global business world. When starting a new small business, it’s vital to gain customer confidence and maintain a good reputation in the market.

ISO Quality management systems and Environment Managements systems have extensive benefits to increase customer trust in your SME and enhance your credibility in the market. Most SME is a small team of loyal employees; ISO Occupational Safety and Health Management system will boost their morale when working in a safe and secure environment. As a result, their commitment to serve the company and hard work for the company’s progress increases. By getting the relevant ISO certifications, you will be prepared to compete with the big fishes in the market and create your own unique space. ISO standards can do wonders for an SME by providing them a solid foundation to expand their customer base. The standards will strengthen the relationship with your existing customers too. ISO standards can better integrate your business processes, help you comply with regulations, and be a strong point in your marketing campaigns. Get your business ISO certified to enjoy all these benefits they provide for every small and medium sized enterprise.