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Do You Know If Your ISO Certification is Valid?

Do You Know If Your ISO Certification is Valid

It may be surprising, but the false certification concern isn’t the part of the ISO standard. While the standard is a set of principles and requirements that a company can implement to improve its quality of services or products to meet clients’ needs and increase customer satisfaction, how any company implement the ISO and gain certification, isn’t included in the standard as the certification is not yet a mandatory requirement.

But the question is; why would an organization falsify the certificate?

Well, it is hard to point towards one particular reason. In fact, every company that does this may have different reasons. Some companies are usually concerned about the cost of hiring a certification body while others might be worried about the audit findings.

How to Recognize a False Certificate?

The first thing is; a company cannot certify its own standard. This is done by some accredited certification bodies. This means that every certification includes the certification/registration number, the certification body’s name and the accreditation body name.

Thus, in case of no accreditation or certification body, then it is apparent that the certificate is false. However, if the accreditation and certification body is identified, then you must look for and find out if the particular certification body is properly accredited.

You may do this by following the ensuing steps:

Look at the accreditation bodies list from the IAF and select the area or country the supplier belongs to. You must find the approved national accreditation bodies in that particular country. To give you an example, the list for the USA includes the ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board).

Search the certification body’s name, under the accreditation board, identified on the certificate. For instance, from the website of the ANAB, you can easily find the page to look for a certification body.

In case the accreditation body isn’t the part of the approved accreditation bodies list, there must be a problem. Similarly, if the certification body isn’t on the list of approved certification bodies this is again a problem. Either way, it is concerning that no audit was done by any competent and adequately approved personnel.

Hence, if you have a valid reason to work with an organization having an authentic certification, then you must find another supplier to satisfy your requirements. To avoid this misgiving, many companies have genuinely acquired ISO certification to evade misrepresentation of their ability to fully meet their customers’ requirements.