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Implementation of ISO Standards and the Benefits for Small Organizations

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Not many small enterprises believe that they can comply with ISO standards. The most critical question that is often asked is; if a small organization can get certified to standards like ISO 22301 or ISO 27001?

Well, the short answer to this question is; Yes, of course!

Considering some factors, being a smaller enterprise is a lot more benefitting than a hindrance when it comes to the implementation of ISO standards. While the ISO standards are designed without giving regards to the nature and size of the company, here are some of the reasons a small company is likely to attain more benefits than a larger organization.

It’s Easy To Make Decisions

In a small enterprise, fewer people are involved in the decision making process. This means that they execute their plans a lot more quickly. This also means that the management is already on board with the idea of acquiring a certification which helps in getting done with documents approval in no time.

Fast Communication

In a small company, the right/relevant person is easily approachable and may be present with you in the same office. This means quick discussions on areas like processes, risks, improvements and objectives. Ideas can be discussed, raised, rejected or approved instantly and with the involvement of just a few people as in a small organization, one person wears several hats or handles multiple responsibilities.

Faster Delivery of Training

When there are fewer people, it means less time is required to train them. Thus, it becomes easier to get around people in small enterprises for things such as new procedures and awareness training. In other words, controls can be put in place quicker, and risk areas can be treated faster.

Less Complexity

In comparison to a large enterprise, a small company practices simpler systems, procedures, information assets, services and products and governance structure thus, it doesn’t take long to understand these areas and determine the risks attached to them, thoroughly. Also, it may be easier to modify these operations and make them a lot more secure while the management system is designed to be more streamlined.

Shorter Certification Process

RCBs or Registered Certification Bodies use a pre-defined formula to figure out the days which are needed to audit a particular company and if you are a smaller company, the shorter and faster the audit. So be in no doubt that acquiring the best online ISO certification for a small company is perfectly achievable and in many ways, is a lot easier than large organizations.