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Top ISO Certifications For Manufacturing Industry

Top ISO Certifications For Manufacturing Industry

For every company, regardless of the business nature, creating quality products or services and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction is the number one priority. The same goes for the manufacturing industry, in which, ISO certification is acquired to improve product quality, enhance customer satisfaction and avoid product failures and recalls.

Why Manufacturing Industry Need ISO Certification?

Manufacturing companies require the following elements in order to stay competitive, succeed and successfully achieve long-term sustainability.

  • A well-defined process, under constant action and review for improvement
  • Skilled employees and resources for products’ production and delivery of services
  • Set of standards to define acceptable services and products
  • A system based on a quality manual, and consisting of team performance measurement tools, product audit, customer feedback assessment while helping in taking appropriate corrective actions.

Considering the objectives mentioned above and beyond, the following are the recommended ISO certifications that every manufacturing facility should go for:

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

This is a Quality Management System that is crucial for various manufacturing units in order to maintain product quality as well as service delivery. The standards cover an extended scope of your company’s operations including organizational goals and leadership goals, delivery of customer experience and customer service, process improvements and people engagement, better decision making and creating better relationships with stakeholders.

ISO 14001:2015 Certification

The standard focuses on the environmental impact of the company due to its regular business operations. It aims to reduce the wastage and the efficient use of the resources. Also, aspects like waste management, air pollution, climate change effects, soil contamination etc. are fully monitored according to the guidelines given in the standard.

ISO 45001: 2018 Certification

The occupational health and safety standard is highly crucial in a manufacturing facility as it helps in reducing or avoiding accidents and injuries. The standard assists manufacturing units to ensure a safe and healthy workforce to increase business productivity.

ISO 13485: 2016 Certification

The ISO standard is specific to Medical Device Manufacturers who are involved in the precise designing of medical equipment and devices. The standard ensures that the quality is up to the mark at all production stages, from designing to even medical equipment delivery.

ISO 27001:2018 Certification

The manufacturing units undergo technology transformation and automation significantly. Hence, information security management is highly important to avoid information leak out. Thus, following the best practices of cyber security and information management systems is crucial in all these instances.
Considering the impactful results of ISO standards for a business, every business must improve service quality and increase profits by acquiring ISO certification online while optimizing business operations.