ISO 14001 is well recognized as the business sectors leading standard to enable organisations to manage Environmental performance along with additional benefits that businesses can accrue by abiding with standard and practices. It has been seen that the implementation of ISO 14001 can lead to improvements in quality management performance also. Some of the industries that may impact the surrounding with varying degrees of severity, like mining companies, their environmental impacts must be controlled, and this is where ISO 14001 can make a difference in both aspects – how effectively the organisation manages environment aspects and how the employees perceive their effectiveness.  A smart case study of two Gold mining companies can depict the remarkable changes brought by the execution of the standard.

Case study: Implementation of ISO 14001 significantly reduced the waste disposal and energy

An analysis of two considerable gold mining companies in Ghana depicts what they could gain by monitoring their environmental performance. Reported in the year 2013 and including 4 to 5 years environmental data from before and after, the assessment after the implementation of 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) certification was highly measurable in terms of improvements within selected performance indicators. For instance, categorising waste based on type, contamination level, and best available treatment mechanism or decreased cost of disposal and curtailed pollution emissions.

A meticulous decision to use energy more carefully resulted in eliminating and replacing useless bulbs and other electronic devices, which resulted in better energy saving designs. These energy-saving actions reduced the energy consumption and all-inclusive energy costs, in line with their ISO 14001 environmental policy.

Noteworthy improvements in the performance show commitment, competence, and capability in achieving environmental goals. An ISO 14001 provides internationally accepted guidelines and tools for improved environmental performance that becomes a part of economic gains and fosters accountability.

(Note: This Case Study is based on the report of Research Gate – a social networking site for scientists and researchers to share papers, ask and answer questions, and find collaborators.)

How can Environment management system activities support your quality performance?

If your business confirms to ISO 14001 and therefore abides by EMS, then undoubtedly it will positively impact your overall quality performance.

Let’s find out how!

Your organisation will be familiar to use objectives and key performance indicators (KPI) as an integral part of the Environment Management System. As data-based decision making in crucial to Total Quality Management (TQM), use of the same methodologies is needed to establish quality KPI and work for achieving the quality targets. This is crucial to evaluate your performance and finally improving it.

To get your organisation ISO 14001 certified can open the way to enjoy a plethora of advantages along with a safe environment for the employees resulting in improved production. There are several online certification companies you can find on the internet, but to make the process fast and hassle-free, you choose to ISOONLINE as an authorised name in the industry that have issued 3,200 legitimate certificates to their clients.  

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