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ISO does not implement certification but for some trades, certification is an authorized or pledged condition.

So, ISO’s committee has formed more than a few standards linked to the certification procedure on the basis of conformity valuation these standards are used by other certification bodies who provide certification for ISO.

If you are thinking about choosing a certification body then you should follow some authenticity rules:

  • Don’t go for one certified form, try to approach more than one and then take a decision about best one.
  • First make it sure that your selected certification body works according to the applicable CASCO standard.
  • Then check accreditation in some case it is not required but it doesn’t mean that the accreditation is not reliable because it offers independent validation of aptitude.
  • If you are in USA, for finding an accredited certification body you can interact the national accreditation body, but if you are out of USA you can also contact to USA accreditation body by visiting international forums.

By following these given suggestions you will get the ISO certification from authorized forum.

After getting an ISO certification, you must know how to show your validity. Here is a standard about sharing ISO certification when you will be labeling a service, system or product as certified:

  • You must not say that “ISO certified” or “ISO certification“, you should be saying “ISO 9001:2015 certified“, “ISO14001:2016 certification” of “OHSAS18001: 2017certified” (for example).

Some things to understand about ISO 9001:

Here are some facts about ISO 9001:

  • ISO 9001 doesn’t mind about your organization size.
  • You can run any company like restaurant, government entity or any manufacturing company whatever you want under ISO 9001 certification.
  • This certification is not about quality of any product or defines any standard about product.
  • You need ISO 9001 certification just to control you processes.

Why you should get ISO certification for your business?

When you get this certification for your business, this means that your business meets all the requirements. In the end, you will be able to get more trust from the customers and clients. This is a known fact that the customers and clients do trust the company with ISO certification, more than the companies without it. You should get this certification for your company to increase the sales as well as to gain more trust among clients.

Now why people trust the companies with ISO certification more than the ones without it?

There is a solid reason of them doing this, which is that the companies with ISO certification have a guarantee that their management systems are approved and assessed constantly. Moreover, they are concerned about customer satisfaction and do work for it. So, the clients trust the business more and if you have this certification you can increase the sales of your business and trust among your clients.

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